Afraid to fly? Exclusive look behind United Airlines’ COVID-19 safety features

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CHICAGO — Normally at this time of the year, a lot of people would be going on vacations, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed that.

Some wonder if it is too soon to travel and if the plan will be clean.

United Airlines said they want to give travelers as much of a “touchless” experience as they can.

United has kiosks in the lobby where travelers can use their phones to print luggage tags. At the gate, they can scan their own boarding passes.

The airline said they are also cleaning seats in the hold rooms with a high grade disinfecting product. United is also using a medical grade filtration system to remove germs from the aircraft every two to three minutes.

For all airlines, everyone is required to wear a mask while onboard the aircraft. United passengers will also be handed sanitizing wipes before they’re seated.

“Cleaning crews are trained to clean and wipe down every one of those touch points,” said Mike Hanna, vice president of United Airlines’ O’Hare hub. “It’s absolutely critical for us

The airline said safety is their number one priority, but they also want to keep people comfortable as well.

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