Axe-throwing enthusiasts form world’s first ‘quarantine sports league’

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The owner of Bad Axe Throwing founded the World Axe Throwing League.

Due to COVID-19, they had to cancel the upcoming spring season. A few members came together last month and founded the world’s first quarantine sports league.

Mario Zelaya is from Ontario, Canada and began opening Bad Axe facilities in 2014.

There are now 40 locations all over North America. The popularity of Bad Axe Throwing led to the World Axe Throwing League. and there are over 8,000 throwers all over the globe.

“The same technology that powers the world axe throwing league is powering the quarantine league. So what I would do is call you on Instagram and we would have a real-time match, where I would throw and place my phone and it would record the boards,” Zelaya says.

The virtual matches are streamed live as throwers record their scores.

Anyone can join the Quarantine League.

All you have to do is follow the guidelines for building the wooden target. Throwers have created them in their garages, basements, and backyards.

“(There is) a lot of interest from people who maybe hear about it through friends or are sick and tired of sitting on the couch all day watching Netflix. This is a great way to get up off the couch, do something fun, a brand new activity,” he says.

It is important to wear closed-toe shoes while performing the activity and Zelaya says you can’t just buy any old axe at a hardware store.

You can order the specially designed axes for throwing online at the World Axe Throwing League website. If you want to take part or livestream a match you can find them on the QATL Facebook page.

“Take a stress break, go to your backyard, take a 30- to 40-min break to throw axes in your backyard and go back to work virtually from home. I think the net effect is it’s going to level everyone’s game up to another level that we haven’t seen before the COVID crisis,” Zelaya says.

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