Coronavirus News: Cases of COVID-19 on Long Island ‘like a fire spreading,’ Cuomo says

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NASSAU COUNTY, Long Island (WABC) — Cases of COVID-19 on Long Island are like ‘a fire spreading’ said Governor Andrew Cuomo on Saturday.

Nassau County has seen an alarming rise in confirmed cases – there are now 13,346 people who have tested positive, an increase of more than 1,300 from Friday.

“You look at the numbers and we have been saying ‘watch Long Island – it is like a fire spreading’ – at one point, the fire does not max out in one place. It consumes where it is, and then it is moving out,” said Cuomo.

COVID-19 cases on Long Island have been growing for the past 10 days.

“You see, Long Island goes from 16 percent to 17 percent, to 19 percent to 22 percent,” said Cuomo.

The percentage in New York City is dropping, while the numbers on Long Island increases as a percentage of cases within the state.

“And it has been growing steadily, so interestingly, it is not moving north, it is moving east than it is north, and that is what those numbers say,” Cuomo added.

So far there is no indication that the spread on Long Island is because New York City residents have gone out east to seek treatment.


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