Cuomo Says New York Is ‘Finally Ahead Of This Virus’

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Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a press conference on Friday that for the first time since the coronavirus crisis started, he feels that New York is “finally ahead” of the outbreak, with the number of hospitalizations and intubations continuing to decline statewide.


The good news, Cuomo said, is that he feels that for the first time, “we’re finally ahead of this virus.”

“Our numbers are coming down in New York—in most states in this country, you still see the numbers going up,” he said.

New York’s number of coronavirus hospitalizations and intubations continues to decline: Total hospitalizations fell to 8,196 on Friday.

The number of new hospitalizations per day, at around 600, has been largely flat in recent days, however. 

“We would’ve hoped to see a steady, sharp decline in those numbers,” Cuomo said. “That’s not what’s happening, it’s more flattening out.”

Another 216 New Yorkers died from the virus on Thursday, he said, which was down from 231 deaths on Wednesday. The daily death toll has flattened out in the 200 to 300 range over the past week or so.

Crucial quote

“We have the beast on the run, there’s no doubt about that,” Cuomo said. “We haven’t killed the beast, but we’re ahead of it.”

Big number: 327,469.

That’s how many confirmed cases of coronavirus can be found in New York State as of Friday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Key background

On Thursday, Cuomo said he’s not willing to trade people’s lives to reopen New York’s economy. He called it “absurd” to argue over how many deaths are worth reopening the state.

What to watch for

There’s a good chance this virus comes back,” Cuomo warned. He mentioned talk of a potential second wave of coronavirus infections, saying that “we need to start getting ready now.”

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