Hacker crashes 1st day of student’s orientation in New York City

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NEW YORK CITY (WABC) — There is high drama for the biggest public school district in the nation, which is supposed to add in-person learning in a matter of days.

However, teachers continue to voice serious concerns over safety, and now some parents are shaken after a video chat was hijacked in Brooklyn.

A parent of a student who attends IS 259 in Dyker Heights is outraged after she says her daughter’s first day of online orientation was hijacked.

The mother tweeted that students began posting pictures of President Donald Trump followed by porn.

The class was eventually taken offline.

The district saying despite the fact that this happened, they have strict security settings. They are now investigating.

Teachers are sounding the alarm and holding protests across the city as students get closer to returning to schools in-person.

They fear their schools aren’t ready with enough PPE or nurses, and there are still ventilation concerns.

There’s already a hitch in the blended learning plan.

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The Department of Education has hired 2,000 additional staff members, but the principals union says this is not enough for in-person learning.

That means teachers will no longer be required to teach live for some remote students.

“That can still be very rigorous assignments, very rigorous lessons that students complete,” Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza said. “And as we continue to ramp up, we’re going to continue to add capacity to provide our meet our goal which is synchronous instruction every single day.”

“We’re starting on Monday,” the mayor said. “We said repeatedly it will not be a perfect start. We will be making a lot of adjustments in the weeks after we begin to continue to improve things, but the important reality here is to say we’re going to start best education possible in-person and possible remotely. We’re going to keep making improvements as we go along”

Teachers are going to be back at it Thursday with multiple protests planned in Queens and Brooklyn.

One protest is called, “A march for our schools and our lives.”

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