Head writer of MST3k reboot pens horror comic series Maniac of New York

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Writer Elliot Kalan has an impressive resume, having written for the THE DAILY SHOW, was the head writer for Netflix’s MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000: THE RETURN, as well as a co-host for the popular bad movie podcast THE FLOPHOUSE. He now has a new horror comic coming out called MANIAC OF NEW YORK, with art from HELLBLAZER alumni Andrea Mutti, which according to Kalan, is 

a horror story about how crisis situations become our new normal. A slasher movie-style unstoppable killer is marauding through New York City, and since nobody knows how to solve the problem, everyone in power has given up and decides to just live with New Yorkers occasionally being hacked to death by an ax-wielding maniac. The series will look at how life changes, and doesn’t change, in the city from different angles — starting in our first arc with a story about an idealistic mayoral aide, a jaded police detective, and a very bad day for commuters on the subway.

Kalan also conducted a lengthy interview with The Hollywood Reporter about MANIAC OF NEW YORK, and here are some choice quotes from the writer/comedian/podcaster:

The original inspiration for the series was my extreme adolescent disappointment with Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, which promised a citywide metropolitan bloodbath and delivered a couple shots of Jason walking through Times Square in a bad mood…But beyond that, the New York movies of the ’70s and ’80s, when the city was gross and ugly and exciting and felt like it was full of real people and not just wealthy hedge fund managers.

I’ve been wanting to tell these stories for a very long time. I love New York in the way only a true New Yorker can — with a burning desire to see it fictionally destroyed…I’ve never felt previous horror stories really took advantage of the nightmare opportunities the city has to offer, so it’s been exciting to play with all that. And I’ve loved watching Andrea bring it to life with his art after years of the idea living in my head.

Meanwhile, the comic will be released through AfterShock comics, and the first issue will be debuting February 2021.

So what do you guys think? Down for a prescient horror-satire that takes inspiration from JASON TAKES MANHATTAN? Either way, sound off below!

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