Marko Stout Creates A Rage In New York’s Art World With His Innovative Works

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Marko Stout

It is your art that defines you and when your work is appreciated by global stars, it simply means you have made it big in life. Marko Stout, a name who needs no introduction about his work, is making waves for all the right reasons. He goes synonymous to the art culture of New York City who is known for his gritty punk rock style. The visual artist creates work in several fields including writing, drawing, animation, sculpture, music, digital media and photography. Though he is often associated with the pop art scene, his style is much more interesting than a simple label.

Some of the world-class celebrities including the Kardashians, Billie Eilish, Debra Messing, Charlie Sheen, RuPaul have appreciated his incredible work. Marko describes that he focuses more on vibrant colours as an exploration of peak human experiences. Every piece of work created by him has a special cultural reference and a deep meaning hidden in it. Being a phenomenal artist, Stout’s looks and appearances make him stand out amongst others. The art world truly considers this artist a gem because of his unique approach towards creativity.

Marko Stout

His latest and recent work, ‘Erotic Allure Volume 3’ at New York’s prestigious Tribeca Gallery was the main highlight of the NYC fall 2019 art season. The most important highlight at the exhibition was Marko’s creative video installation presented in 20 HD monitors which captivated everyone’s attention. Many even drew comparisons of the artist to the late Andy Warhol. In a city like New York, where people’s aspirations and dreams come true, Marko Stout built an image of himself as a phenomenal artist and also a charismatic personality. Keeping up with his beautiful art designs, it would not be wrong to state that the art world in NYC is truly blessed to have Marko Stout as one of the influential creative artists.

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