Residents lobby to change name of Trump Palace in New York City

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Owners of other buildings bearing Trump's namesake have been considering removing the disgraced President's name from their buildings.


Owners of other buildings bearing Trump’s namesake have been considering removing the disgraced President’s name from their buildings.

A group of owners at the Trump Palace condominium in New York City are considering removing the disgraced President’s name from the building, Bloomberg reports.

Resident Michael Schoenman explains that the group of owners has taken their concerns to the building manager. Now, the manager and staff are exploring ways to take Trump’s name off the building.

However, Trump Palace isn’t the only building thinking about making this change.

Owners of other buildings bearing Trump’s namesake have been considering the idea as his public perception started to plummet. Real estate attorney Alan Bailey told Bloomberg that he has been fielding inquiries about this process since Trump took office in 2016.

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“I have received calls from every building with Trump on it in the city trying to get it removed,” Bailey explained. “Over time in New York, Donald Trump has not been very popular, and New York is about money, so having Trump’s name on the building reduces its value.”

Several buildings in New York City have rebranded including Trump SoHo which became The Dominick in 2017.

Additionally, an alderman in Chicago is demanding the name be removed from Trump Tower while Trump International Hotel and Tower in Panama City stripped away his name in 2018.

Although places around the country have been trying to distance themselves from the president for years, the move has become more urgent after Trump was impeached for “incitement of insurrection” following the Capitol riots. This along with Trump’s cultural stance makes living in the Trump Palace uncomfortable for residents.

“When I saw it, I said, ‘Oh, my God. I live here?” 88-year-old Lois Miller said after explaining that she didn’t know her new home was a Trump property until after she moved in.

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