Spanish forest fire software firm among New York Times’ ‘best in the world’

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Spanish start-up beat Google and Microsoft in bid for California wildfire assistance system

A SPANISH company has been named as one of the best in the world by the New York Times annual list for 2020.

Every year, the US-based broadsheet reviews the political, social and health situation nationally and globally and picks out the businesses that have contributed the most in humanitarian, scientific and technological terms to improve the state of the world and quality of life in general through their contributions. 

Among them, mountain and forestry engineer Joaquín Ramírez’s firm based in the province of León, Technosylva, has been highlighted.

Technosylva’s modelling software enabling authorities to predict forest fires – calculating the direction of the flames, speed, and climate conditions that could influence its progress – turned out to be crucial in the fight against the infernos in California last year.

The programme created by the start-up company was used in nine US States, helping the country’s department of forestry culture and fire protection in working out strategy for tackling these natural disasters – in particular the one that swept through the south-west.

Technosylva, run by a Spaniard and based in Spain, branched out into San Diego, California in April 2020 when it won a contract for the fire prediction service it provided.

The firm was up against 131 corporate giants – even Google and Microsoft – when it won the bid.  

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