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enjoy our favorite holiday treat, Halloween, Thanksgiving and use them to also get in shape. I think this is ingenious. Ultimate multitasking. We all love a pumpkin latte. The calorie count, boom. Start to add up. What did we say? 200 calories so how can we burn some of those. We all love a pumpkin spice latte. We want to burn it off. Little things to do at home in the kitchen, in your living room. First move we have a squat with a press. Get a fresh pumpkin. Make sure it’s fresh and drop down into the squat and press it to the ceiling. This gets your legs, shoulders. Totally. Chest out. Shoulders back. Nice form. You feel the burn? Are you pumping iron? Yes, people. Okay. So now we move on to pumpkin pie. Delicious and, yes, filled with calories. Right. Oh, 315. However, it takes 40 minutes to bake so during that 40 minutes, Josey, what can we do? Make your time useful. Grab a bag of sugar. Get the bag of sugar. You can keep the squat, add a little twist to work your obliques and will help you eat the pie feeling less guilty That’s right. That’s what it’s all about. Have fun in your kitchen while making holiday treats. Come on. Here we go. Candy apples. One of my personal favorites. This is mine. Me too. Are you ready? There you go. 215 calories. Okay. So 215 calories, what is your idea of working out with apples? You use them almost as a cone. It takes about 20 minutes to get the bubbling on the coating. So we have your apples set up side to side. Get two apples. We do a skater jump from here. This is some good agility drill. Different than the others and gets your heart rate up. So during that 20 minutes — The other two were glutes and abs and core. You have two other moves. We have two others. You stand on one side of an apple. You keep your feet together and you’ll hop over and back. Over and back, light on the toes. Really good for the heart rate. Gets it up. Audience, raise your hands. Can you see yourself in the kitchen throwing on sneakers and doing this? It’s kind of fun. Right? Make sure your floor is clean. I got you, Josey. Third move. You pick up the apple. So now it’s in your hands and we’ll work your legs so go right into what we call the workout, flying lunges so flunges. Flunges. Add a little apple toss with it. Work the agility, hand/eye coordination. I somehow forgot to include using evaporated milk for my workouts. We got to the sugar and did not talk about the evaporated milk. You need that for baking. Take your elbows and put them beside the ribs and will work the backs of your arm. Five-pound weight. Evaporated milk. Whatever you choose. That’s all you need. While the pie is baking, right? The whole idea is to get moving this fall.

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