WATCH: Violent brawl between teacher and student in California classroom


Transcript for Violent brawl between teacher and student in California classroom

Back now with a violent brawl breaking outut in a California classroom involving a music teacher and a 14-year-old student. What started as a fight, and why some students are standing with that teacher tonight. ABC’s will Carr picks up the story. Come on, bro. Yeah, walk the Back. Reporter: Watch the tense moments just before a brawl breaks out between a teacher and pupil. Bro, did you really say that, bro? Reporter: This 14-year-old calling his African-American teacher a slur. Bro, say it to me, bro. I’m right here, . Reporter: Hurling a basketball at the teacher. According to students, the confrontation sparked by an alleged dress code violation. After asking the student to leave the teacher eventually snaps. You’d better leave. Reporter: Pulling the student to the floor pummeling him with repeated blows to the head. While he was arrested, the student sent to the hospital. The community of Maywood, California, now split on who is to blame. I think it was both their faults, like the teacher and the student. I was scared for the kid and partly for the teacher too. Reporter: While some parents also voicing their concerns. I know kids say stuff they shouldn’t, but he should be accountable. Reporter: Tom, tonight the teacher is facing a child abuse charge. The student has been released from the hospital and here at the school they’re planning on having counselors on campus first thing in the morning. Tom. Will, thank you.

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